Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Passion!

Lately I came across a high school friend on the newspaper, to my shock and amazement, I found out SHE (yes is a girl) is the drift queen of Malaysia. - Leona Chin (for you people out there just so you know, she drives a nissan 200sx.)

When I knew her in high school, she was this quiet, shy girl, who don't really talk much, well at least in front of me (of coz la, I was her senior wat, respect lu) anyway, I was some what excited and happy, and at the same time, jealous and envy, well in a good way la, nothing against her drifting, I totally respect her for it.

But 1 thing is for sure, she rekindle my passion in motorsports, you know how sometimes circumstances in life, will pull you down, and change the course of your life, I always wanted to be into cars, even in CHS when I was choosing my form science or art stream, I ended up choosing arts, why? Cause my school standard was damn high, and 4 subjects have to be A's and both sciences and maths got to be A for PMR. I b3 for science, maths I got A1, and because of that, my future in doomed =P. and there goes my chance into getting into my automotive engineering course that I so desire to be in.

Well, no point sulking over the past, I never loss touch in cars though, I think is in my family gene. Always everyone in my family has to do with cars, like grandpa, open the 1st few driving school in Malaysia, and uncle sell exclusives cars, and my cousin which is only 15 years old, know more about cars than he knows about studying. haha...

I always had my time and hobby of upgrading my car. There it is...

My gti Monster. My proudest possession.

After I knew about Leona, and I kinda "stock" her, and found out more about her dreams and her passion, which leads me to think that I am not to late to change.

So that's it! I have plan my career path and how to get myself into the racing circle. I am saving up to get my dream car, the mazda rx7.

image from www.mazda-rx7-turbo.com


WoayChee said...

hope your fd3s dream will come true shortly! waiting for you to join us. rotary for life!!

Jeffrey Choong said...

Yea! There are not many rx7 anymore right? Use to be seeing it almost everyday. But is ok, We shall rekindle the life on the FDs. Yea!